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What does Datahandler Backup back up?

All Datahandler Backup plans back up the following types of files in your Users folders:

*Any file over 4 GB must be manually added to your backup.

How does Datahandler Backup compare to other online backup services?

There are a lot of companies that offer online backup, but Datahandler Backup is unique for several reasons:
Backup is the only other thing we do apart from data recoveryunlike some competitors; we don’t offer a variety of services. We do two things – data recovery and data backup – and we do it extremely well. We’re 100% focused on backing up and safeguarding your files, and making sure that recovering those files is simple and hassle-free.We make restoring your backed up files fast – and foolproof. The only reason you back up your files is so you can get them back when you need them. That’s why we’ve focused on making our restore process the easiest in the industry.We give you easy access to your backed up files – anytime, anywhere. Once your files are backed up by Datahandler Backup, you’ll be able to securely access them from any computer by logging in to your account at Datahandler Backup website.We put no limits on your backup storage space. All three Datahandler Backup plans give you as much space as you need for your backup. You don’t need to worry about choosing which of your files are important enough to back up and which you’ll have to exclude. And, you don’t need to worry about falling into the next storage tier.We’re there when you need us. Datahandler Backup is designed to be simple and hassle-free, but if you ever have questions, or need support, we’re here to help. Unlike most competitors, we offer free support via phone, email and live chat. Our support channels are available to all our customers and all our support representatives are located in Kenya.

Is Datahandler Backup secure?

Yes. Our business and reputation depend on keeping your data safely backed up. We encrypt your files before they leave your computer and send them to one of our data centers using the same security technology used in online banking and e-commerce transactions. Your files remain encrypted on our servers,
which are housed in state-of-the-art data centers that are guarded 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

My laptop hard disk has a hardware problem and is not working at all. Can I retrieve all my data?

YES it’s possible to recover your laptop data. Using the only technology equipment in the region called Class 100 Clean Room; East African data Handlers engineers are able to reconstruct damaged hard drives from any case including falls or failures. Once the hard drive is reconstructed, you are able to retrieve your information exactly as you had initially inserted it. For more information, please call us on Tel: 0711051000 or visit and let us restore you back to normalcy.

Can I recover any data that I lost from my hardware accessories even if I lost it years ago?

East African data handlers through its Data Recovery services has the expertise to handle all causes of data loss, from simple to the most complex and catastrophic data loss situations, we can restore your system. This also includes all types of media, devices and systems from hard drive recovery to recovering RAID systems, laptops or MP3 players. Even if the storage system is unique to your company database system, we can still recover all data that was lost. For more information, please call us today on Tel 0711051000 or visit and let us save your systems.

I lost data from my computer hard drive. How does East Africa Data Handlers really retrieve it?

Hard drive data and file recovery involves more than just replacing parts. Our engineers use cutting-edge hard drive recovery tools and proprietary processes to ensure the most successful outcome. Don’t damage your drive trying to retrieve the information, just leave it to us and you get it whole. It doesn’t matter how old the computer is, our sophisticated technology enables us to retrieve it. For more information contact us on Tel: 0711051000 or visit ; and share your challenge with our engineers so we can advise you on the best course of action.

We lost very critical lost data from our company RAID 5 Server Machine, and now we can’t serve any of our clients and we do not have any backup. Can you help?

YES East African Data Handlers is able to recover data from a RAID Server. With the expertise of over 15 data recovery engineers in the region, more than 5 years of data recovery experience, we can meet any data recovery need. We have dealt with clients from banks to mid-sized companies with different data concerns. And they came out smiling. Restore your systems today. Call us on 0711051000 or visit we can assist you on a solution.

I work in a Bank and today we lost very critical lost data from our company database Server Machine, and we do not have any backup. Can you help?

Backup is critical, but it must be done right. When hardware malfunction is a component of the problem, permanent destruction of data can occur with failed recovery attempts. You need to make sure that whatever expert you bring in to correct your problem can correctly diagnose the right action. Ask for East Africa Data Handlers. Our service levels that range from normal standard services, high priority emergency services and onsite data recovery services. That means we are able to move in to your site or business office and assist your business recover in record time. Call us today on Tel: 0711051000 or visit and recover your lost data.

Is it possible to recover files that were deleted about three weeks ago?

When you delete a file it is not removed from the disk, it is just marked as empty space available for the computer and the data can be fully recovered if it has not been overwritten. At East African data handlers we have some of the most complex solutions to recover any data lost due to a unique format our engineers have developed. For more information, please contact us so we can start the process. Call us today on 0711051000 or visit

Is it possible to recover information on a machine that was already formatted?

East African Data Handlers Data Recovery engineers have developed comprehensive protocols to meet virtually any file recovery, hard drive recovery or disk recovery need. We access information:

  • Across multiple file types and all types of operating systems
  • From any type of laptop, desktop, server, network, virtualized, or other storage device
  • From any generation of drives

Need our help? Call us today on 0711051000 or visit and let data loss be a thing of the past with East Africa data handlers.

I want to ensure that all my company information remains strictly confidential, and has no way of being leaked to other third parties. What do you recommend?

Our strict security standards ensure the privacy of data for thousands of companies in East Africa. It’s your turn. Our security practices remain solid and tested. We have handled some of the regional government’s sensitive recoveries for more than 3 years. Using our systems, we are able to devise a secure-proof system for your confidential information with protocol only known to certain people with clearance. Call us on 0711051000or visit for more information.

I had a virus attack and I lost all the data on my machine. Can I trace it?

Lost data can usually be recovered immediately regardless of whether the hard drive has crashed, been damaged or experienced a natural disaster. Additionally, East Africa Data handlers will provide a detailed diagnostic report of the recoverable data, allowing you to make an informed decision before purchasing an actual recovery. Once the recovery is authorized, you can know the status and progress of your job in real time and get your valued data intact exactly the way it was. For more information, please reach us on 0711051000 or visit and let our experienced technicians put you on the road to recovery.

I had a virus attack and I lost all the data on my machine and also in my digital camera photos is it possible to recover the lost photos from my digital camera?

East African Data Handlers Data Recovery engineers can usually recover lost, deleted, damaged, or inaccessible digital images immediately from a variety of storage locations such as digital cameras, computer hard drives, mobile phones, USB drives or other storage media. To recover your lost photos, give us a call on 0711051000or visit or pay us a visit at our Nairobi head office.

I had a virus attack and I lost all my digital camera photos. Is it possible to recover the lost photos from my digital camera?

East Africa Data Recovery services can recover deleted photos, lost photos and images from a variety of data loss situations, including damaged digital cameras, damaged computer or hard drives, corrupt photo files, accidentally deleted photos and reformatted memory cards or hard drives. To recover your lost photos, give us a call on 0711051000 or visit or pay us a visit at our Nairobi head office.

What is “Computer Forensics”?

Computer forensics is the practice of collecting, analysing and reporting on digital data in a way that is legally admissible. It can be used in the detection and prevention of crime and in any dispute where evidence is stored digitally. Computer forensics follows a similar process to other forensic disciplines, and faces similar issues.

What are the common situations in which Computer Forensics is used?

  • Unauthorized disclosure of corporate information
  • Theft of intellectual property or trade secrets
  • Employee Internet abuse or other violations of a computer policy
  • Other Workplace Misconduct
  • Negligence, sexual harassment, and deception cases
  • Evidence collection for future employee termination
  • Criminal fraud and white-collar crime
  • More general criminal cases and many civil cases

What can a Computer Forensic examination provide?

  • Data Recovery of deleted, encrypted or hidden computer files even after a hard drive has been reformatted or repartitioned
  • Passwords for password protected or encrypted files
  • Determination of:
    • Web sites that have been visited
    • Files that have been uploaded or downloaded
    • When files (docs, pictures, etc) were last accessed/deleted
    • User login times and passwords
  • Discovery of:
    • Attempts to conceal, destroy, or fabricate evidence
    • Text that was removed from the final document version
    • Faxes sent or received on a computer
    • Email, texts webmail, and attachments, even if deleted
    • Other types of communications strings (IM chat logs)

How does Computer Forensics differ from data recovery?

The goal of data recovery procedures is solely to recover the files and folders lost from damaged disk drives, media, computers or operating systems due to disk or system failure, unintentional deletion, or other unexpected circumstance, without monitoring the usage of the device. Generally, data recovery could be considered the first step in gathering evidence in a computer forensics investigation. When digital media is imaged, all files and folders are recovered along with deleted data. Also, the ability to view any hidden or un-partitioned space is gained as well.

Computer Forensics is a service that is concerned with providing evidence (or proving a lack of evidence) regarding how a computer was used, what files were accessed and at what time, and who had accessed them. Computer Forensics investigators are able to find, assemble, analyze, and explain large amounts of digital information that would not be particularly helpful for data recovery services, but are invaluable in a court of law.

What types of data do you focus on in your investigations?

All forensics artifacts like file creation date and time, modification time, registry values and all such other things which might help an investigator solve the case.

What do I receive after a computer forensic investigation?

A report covering all the necessary details about the case from chain of custody of evidences to evidence analysis and preservations to final reporting according to the countries cyber laws.

What is Ujanja?

Ujanja is an online E-Learning platform offering you an opportunity to sell your own Wisdom in small portions while you earn money hassle free, we call it Smart Learning. It is derived from a Swahili word, which when translated to English means “Cunning”. For more details you can call us at 0711 051000 or simply email .

What are the benefits of e-learning?

There are very many benefits of e-learning some of them are;

  • You have variety of programs and courses
  • Lower total costs
  • More comfortable learning environment
  • Convenience and flexibility
  • More interaction and greater ability to concentrate
  • Career advancement
  • Continue in your profession
  • Avoid commuting
  • Improve your technical skills

For more details you can call us at 0711 051 000 or simply email .

Who can teach?

Anyone can teach on our platform as long as you dream about anything you would love to teach or Coach. For more details you can call us at 0711 051 000 or simply email

How Can I enroll?

To enroll, simply visit – register, choose the course of your choice, and follow the online payment procedures and you become a student to that course. For more details you can call us at 0711 051 1000 or simply email

How Can I create a Course?

To create a course ,you need to visit our site Register and then request to become an instructor and within 24 hours you are activated after review of your details and after approval you are given the rights from being a student to an instructor where you create courses that people will love with our Online Tools. Benefits for all instructors in the ujanja platform they can;

  • 24 / 7 access to class materials
  • Have own flexible times
  • Diverse and enriching experiences with the courses they create
  • Have access and equity opportunity
  • Diverse contexts where they have an opportunity to be creative.
  • Unlimited Course Capability creation
  • Monitor their own Incomes
  • Information sharing between teachers and students
  • Administration of Courses made private to them

For more and additional details you can call us at 0711 051 000 or simply email .

How can I earn more money?

It’s very simple, create your own network in your own Class or social networks and invite all your friends to enroll. Make your course as interesting as you can with very catchy titles to attract more students. Teach what you know is unique and on demand. Finally give it in small portions. For more tips you can call us at 0711 051 000 or simply email .

Who can benefit from Ujanja?

Anyone can benefit from Ujanja, all you need is to dream big. For more tips you can call us at 0711 051 000 or simply email .

What is so unique about Ujanja?

What is unique about Ujanja is its flexibility, the beauty about Ujanja is that it has been designed for all people and supports all modes of money transfer from Credit card to mobile money transfer when a student is paying for online course. Did you know that it is also mobile friendly? Meaning it is compatible with your mobile phone, a smart Learning at the comfort of your location. For more tips you can call us at 0711 051 1000 or simply email .

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