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What is Online Data Storage?

Online data storage refers to the practice of storing electronic data with a third party service accessed via the Internet. It is an alternative to traditional local storage (such as disk or tape drives) and portable storage (such as optical media or flash drives). It can also be called “hosted storage,” “Internet storage” or “cloud storage.”

In recent years, the number of vendors offering online data storage for both consumers and businesses has increased dramatically In Africa and we saw the need to offer all the data storage service for any files , such as photos, music or backup data.

EADH provides solutions for IBMAS/400, Linux/ Unix and Windows systems that include: offsite data protection and recovery services, High Availability (HA) replication services, email compliance solutions for e-discovery, continuous data protection, data de-duplication, virtualized system recovery and telecom recovery services. East African Data Handlers offers its solutions and services to business, government, education, financial services and health care industries by lever aging leading technologies ,such as virtualization, cloud computing and cloud storage.

5 most common causes of Data Loss for Most Computer users

Data loss is a problem for anyone that uses a computer

It is an error condition in information systems in which data is destroyed by failures or neglect in storage. Most computer users consider this as a permanent error. At East African Data Handlers we ensure you get your data back by using all possible software and equipment in accordance with the extent of the damage of your computer.

Knowing the most common causes of data loss can help you to prevent and avoid it in the future.

Hardware Failure

Hard drives have platters spinning at thousands of RPMs with the smallest of tolerances. They are sensitive pieces of machinery and bumps, drops, and other mishandling can lead to physical damage to the drive platters resulting in loss of data or corruption. Insuring that your drives are handled with care and kept at temperatures well within their recommended operating parameters helps to insure drive life and minimize the risk of data loss. .

Human Error

This is accidental deletion of data. Everyone makes mistakes, and these mistakes at times result to data loss. Most people have at some point accidentally emptied the trash only to realize that an important file was in it and now gone. This act is frustrating since one cannot be able to undo the act.

Software Failure

This is caused by file corruption or invalid entries in the file location. In most cases the operating system is reinstalled by the user and the backed up data is stored again, but this does not prevent future damage.

Malicious Act

There are many viruses and malwares which can lead to data loss either by deletion of files or crashing of hard drives. The user needs to ensure they have an updated virus protection software to avoid this kind of attacks..

Natural Disaster

Acts of god can cause data loss. Lightning strikes, power surges, flood, fire and earthquakes cause physical damage to hard drives and more. Protect your data by having a quality surge protector connected to your computer devices and store backup copies of your most important data off-site at another location or with an online backup service to make sure its safe in the event of disaster.

The cost of data loss has been a major tragedy to users as some of the users are forced to recreate data and this is always time consuming hence some of the data might be missing due to there being no reference which could lead to wrong data being stored. Some companies have had to notify their clients in the event that clients data has been lost compromising day to day transactions of those companies.

In this event clients have to live with the loss as those companies had not put in place backups that would recreate the data thus results to either tarnishing the organizational image or reputation. High data loss is mostly as a result of poor back up, though back up can never guarantee safety, this is because there are different types of failures and thus require different precautions to be taken.

East African Data Handlers is Africa’s leader in data recovery and data management services, working to keep your data safe and always available.

What we have in our Data Storage

Features of the Data storage

1) Review the low subscription pricing and subscribe to the EADH Backup Service.
2) Get the Pre-configured EADH Backup Service client software.
3) Configure your backup set(s) with the files and folders you want protected.
4) Monitor your backups via log files and automated e-mail alerts.

Automatic Online Backup Benefits

1.- Bank Anytime
2.- Automatic backup of critical data to an off-site location
3.- Enjoy storage plans that meet your needs
4.- Recover files that were accidentally deleted
5.- Protect your data from failures
6.- Enjoy End to End Data Encryption
7.- Free Trial

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