Cloud Protection

What is Cloud protection?

Cloud protection is Cloud computing security or, more simply, cloud security which involves an evolving sub-domain of computer security, network security, and, more broadly, information security.

East African Data Handlers – Cloud Protection and Backup is designed for private, hybrid and public cloud architectures, giving you industry-best recovery assurance in the face of your exploding data volume and complexity. Your data can be backed up and recovered efficiently whether it is on a physical or virtual machine in your heterogeneous enterprise environment, on servers, desktops, laptops, smart phones and tablets, or in cloud-based applications. Being the leader in Data Handling in the region, we handle over 500TB of data each month and still growing to our over 100,000 customers in Kenya.

Benefits Of Cloud Protection

1. Centralised Data
-Reduced Data Leakage:
-Monitoring benefits:
2. Incident Response / Forensics
-Forensic readiness:
-Decrease evidence acquisition time:-
-Eliminate or reduce service downtime:
-Decrease evidence transfer time: In the same Cloud, bit fot bit copies are super fast.
-Eliminate forensic image verification time: Some Cloud Storage implementations expose a cryptographic checksum or hash.
3. Password assurance testing (aka cracking)
-Decrease password cracking time: if your organisation regularly tests password strength by running password crackers you can use Cloud Compute to decrease crack time and you only pay for what you use.
4. Logging
-“Unlimited”, pay per drink storage: logging is often an afterthought, consequently insufficient disk space is allocated and logging is either non-existant or minimal.
-Getting compliant with Extended logging: most modern operating systems offer extended logging in the form of a C2 audit trail.
5. Improve the state of security software (performance)
-Drive vendors to create more efficient security software:
6. Secure builds
-Pre-hardened, change control builds:
-Reduce exposure through patching offline:
-Easier to test impact of security changes:
7. Security Testing
Reduce cost of testing security: a SaaS provider only passes on a portion of their security testing costs.

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