Electronically Stored Information (ESI) Consulting

What does Electronically Stored Information (ESI) mean?

Electronically stored information (ESI) is stored electronic information that is created and communicated in digital form.

ESI is often used to refer to electronic data obtained by legal teams for litigation purposes.

Understanding the value of helping organizations proactively prepare for requests for electronically stored information and prevent data disasters, has led to East African Data Handlers establishing its electronically stored information (ESI) consulting practice in 2009.

Leveraging our 9 years of experience with the most challenging data incidents, our consultants’ help clients confidently respond to a broad range of information management challenges including creating and administering document retention and destruction protocols, defensibly safeguarding potentially relevant data and quickly implementing litigation holds and other business requests for ESI.

Today, our consulting services in addition to information management software tools for archiving, e-mail management and data destruction assist organizations in both efficient and effective data preparedness and incident response.

The primary primary advantages of Electronically Stored information include:

-Protected Safe-keeping of Critical Electronically Stored information- One of the many advantages of storing your paperwork electronically is getting your files safe and secure from data thieves and undesirable visitors. There is a choice of obtaining only particular files and documents, keeping them accessible only to management.
-Simple Backup in Instance of Disasters- Having the physical location associated with an office damaged can be devastating, but picture if all of the details that a clients are keeping was ruined as well. The actual data a business houses will be the lifeblood of the business, and having an Electronically Stored backup of these files can be quite helpful.
-Information Electronically Stored is Effortlessly Accessed- Among the great things concerning an electronically submitting and digital system is the simplicity which information is recovered and utilized. Should you currently operate with a actual filing method, then you comprehend how challenging it might be to discover a missing document. An electronic storage program allows you to search for the document in several different ways, making data files much easier to locate.
-The Electronically Stored information it’s access program its Straightforward to Use- Some enterprise owners may be apprehensive about transitioning to a electronic filing process, probably due to the fact that they believe it might be a tricky move. The reality of the matter, however, is that digital filing solutions are effortless to discover and to use. Just about everyone in your company will see the benefits of the transition.

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