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Who we are

East African Data Handlers is the leading data recovery solutions provider in Africa. We have been providing services in the entire continent for more than 10 years.

What we do

We specialize in data recovery , data backup and computer forensic services .Our solutions are custom designed to suite each client needs and issues.

Global Presence

We serve over 1,000,000 satisfied customers across 7 countries in Africa.

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Digital Service Provider of the year - 2014 Award Winner


When you suspect a data breach, internal fraud, or an IT case that need tracing, our Forensics team of experts can be your solution provider to do a private investigation of the misconduct with accuracy, speed and discretion, allowing you to make best informed decisions.

When your electronic devices have a shortfall, call our IT specialists and industry experts who know the right questions to ask and where to look for the answers you need to properly evaluate opportunities and analyze risks in your IT premises.

We know IT security risks are interconnected and ever-changing, count on EADH for professional advice on the best security services to adapt, i.e from conceptualization to execution, and from asset protection to end-to-end disaster management and business continuity services.


The number of business relationships can be vast but definitely limited because of competitors, trade groups, regulators who all affect your organization’s ultimate performance.Our capability and consistency in Data Backup will reduce and boost your business .Allow the experts safeguard your data and reduce risk of loss.

Despite your best efforts, disaster somehow happens. Secure Information are breached or wiped out by acts of nature, trade secrets and assets hidden away by cunning employees, or the board members tempted into taking bribes. In all these situation, count on us for the best and most creative asset recovery and monitoring IT solutions.

Cyber attacks,missing electronic files , and stolen data have one thing in common: data in jeopardy. Whether you need to know the source,or even employ advanced technical expertise to eradicate this threats, or deliver consumer remedies that will match the real risk from an incident, only EADH does all these seamlessly.

Are you ready to bank and withdraw your data anywhere anytime ?

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